A problem no manufacturer wants to solve

Every year, 350 million+ tennis & padel balls are thrown away. The vast majority of these balls are thrown away after one or a few hours of play, because of their limitation in keeping their internal pressure.

The amount of balls thrown away is rapidly increasing, and that is not even the worst part of it. Of the balls thrashed, only 2% are recycled. The rest of the toxic waste ends up in places such as landfills, or in our oceans. The balls that ends up in nature stay there for 400 years before they break down. This makes tennis and padel two of the dirtiest (and most expensive) sports!

Thrashing a set of tennis balls made of toxic microplastics every other week, is simply very bad for everything and everyone, except for the large tennis ball manufacturers, who has no real incitement to change anything. Rather the opposite, as the balls gets less durable - people will buy new ones faster, and the ball manufacturers will make more money.

Time for change

It is time to end the spiral of ball overcomsumption - and the solution is simply to make the balls playable for a longer period of time - just like almost all other sports already has suceeded in.

A good thing however, is that this is a relatively easy problem to solve. By just storing the tennis & padel balls under the perfect pressure in between play, the balls will be playable for many, many hours. Our mission is to refine and improve this well tested approach by innovation, & make our product part of every regular players sportsbag.

By decreasing ball consumption and waste, we also aim to make tennis & padel sustainable sports in accordance with UN climate goals 12, 13 - one step at the time. We hope that you will support us along the way!