About Us

Pressurebox is a company founded in Stockholm, Sweden with the mission of making tennis & padel more fun, affordable & green by innovation.

The Problem
The problem we set out to address is the worldwide challenge of overconsumption of tennis and padel balls. The prevailing practice involved purchasing and disposing of a new set of balls every other hour of play - making tennis & padel two of the dirtiest, and most expensive sports, to practice.

Conflicting Interests
While the drawbacks of this unsustainable practice should be apparent to anyone, there seemed to be no interest or progress made in changing the situation for many years. The explanation for this inaction is as obvious as the problem itself. The major tennis ball manufacturers benefit from this culture of ball overconsumption and have no motivation to bring about change. As balls become less durable, people buy new ones more frequently, resulting in higher profits for ball manufacturers.

The Solution

It became apparent that the problem was less about technical challenges and more about incentives and conflicting interests among the major companies involved. By simply storing tennis and padel balls under pressure between plays, we found that we could extend their playability for many hours. This approach not only maintained pressure between games, but also compensated for pressure lost in matches.

Refining an existing approach

Yet, it was a somewhat cumbersome process that often required players to bring a manual pump to the court, resembling the inflation of a bicycle tire after every game. It meant frequent checks and refilling to combat air leakage and keep the balls in peak condition.

Our Mission:

With this insight, our mission became to refine and enhance this well-tested approach through innovation and design, making it accessible and attractive to a larger segment of players.

While we acknowledge there is still much work ahead to establish Pressurebox as a go-to solution in every regular player's sports bag, we're proud that Pressurebox has already found its way into the hands of enthusiasts in 25+ countries across four continents.

Our journey continues as we aim to make tennis more enjoyable, affordable, and environmentally conscious - one ball at a time.