Just press the main button and Pressurebox will automatically build up and maintain the correct pressure, to keep your balls pressurized at all times. The battery indicator will inform you when recharging is needed.


Just keep the balls in the container until the next time you play, and let Pressurebox do its magic. Unlike similiar products, Pressurebox will automatically compensate for pressure loss from soft balls, unavoidable leaks, and temperature changes, to gradually increase the pressure inside your balls.

The pssh sound - every game

Experience the satisfying "Pssh" sound when you press the deflate button. Just like cracking open a fresh can of balls. Then open the lid, take out your repressurized balls, and enjoy!

Proven Concept

Our products has already been saving tennis & padel balls in 25+ countries in 4 continents. All orders at our site comes with a 30 day return policy, and a 1 year warranty.

Time for Change

Pressurebox will help you extending the life of your tennis & padel balls, reducing waste, while saving money & enhancing your game. Its really a win-win.